Great Leader, Dear Leader

Demystifying North Korea under the Kim Clan

Bertil Lintner

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  • Published: 2005
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Great Leader, Dear Leader is an absorbing expose of North Korea under the Kim clan - Great Leader Kim Il Sung and his son, Dear Leader Kim Jong Il. It traces the origin of the regime's ideology and investigates its attempts to fill the empty state coffers through missile technology sales and other unorthodox schemes. It examines the regime's relations with South Korea, the countrywide famine and the juche ideal, the "military first" policy, and the nuclear weapons program.

Bertil Lintner, one of the very few Western journalists to visit North Korea in 2004, aims to demystify rather than demonize the least known of the "axis of evil" countries by interviewing Koreans from both sides of the divided peninsula as well as ethnic Koreans in Japan and leading Korea experts outside the country.
Bertil Lintner, a long-time correspondent for the Far Eastern Economic Review, is the author of many books. In 2004, he received an award for excellence in reporting about North Korea from the Society of Publishers in Asia.
Map of Korean Peninsula
Author's Note
Family Tree: The Kim Clan
1. The Summit That Shook the World
2. The Famine and the Juche Idea
3. The Great and Dear Leaders
4. The Army and the Party
5. The Missiles and the Nukes
6. The Missions
7. The Chongryun
8. The Camps and the Refugees
9. The Future?
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