Washington State

Charles Pierce LeWarne

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  • Published: 2003
  • Subject Listing: History / Western History; Education
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This revised, updated, and improved edition of the leading high school textbook on Washington State history brings the reader from the earliest known accounts of the region up to the present. Incorporating the newest data from the 2000 census, LeWarne presents a vivid and up-to-date portrait of the cultures and trends that continue to shape Washington State. From the role of Native American tribal governments to the administration of Governor Gary Locke, he examines changes in the political arena including the pivotal events of the 2000 elections. The book addresses a range of ongoing social and economic issues, such as environmental controversies, multiculturalism, and changes in the computer and biotechnology industries.

New and expanded material includes:

Kennewick Man

The dot.coms, including Amazon


Governor Gary Locke

Makah whaling

Salmon recovery

Washington's multi-ethnic communities

Plus Updated statistical and general material throughout, including latest census and elections

Exercises have been restructured to facilitate the use of partial chapters
Charles P. LeWarne taught in the Edmonds School District for thirty years. He earned his Ph.D. at the University of Washington, and has published numerous articles on Northwest history. He is the author of Utopias on Puget Sound, 1885-1915, and co-author of Washington: A Centennial History. He has served on the Washington State Historical Society board, as president of the Pacific Northwest Historians Guild, and as chair of the Washington Advisory Council on Historic Preservation. He is currently on the Board of HistoryInk. In 1987, he was named Washington State Teacher of the Year.

"I have long regarded Washington State by Charles P. LeWarne as the most authoritative and well-rounded text for schools in the history of the Evergreen State. The prose of the new edition is even livelier than in the previous editions, and the contents have been updated to provide a comprehensive view of Washington's past and present. I commend Washington State with enthusiasm."
-John Findlay, University of Washington

"Dr. Charles LeWarne is the one author writing on Washington State history who has the academic standing, the high school teaching experience, and the respect of his social studies colleagues to produce a text that provides the academic rigor and yet readability to capture high school students' interest. I have used his text in my Washington State history classes and would recommend others do so."
-Mark Gale, Coupeville High School

List of Maps in the Text
The State Called Washington
The Earliest Settlers and How They Lived
Explorers by Sea, Explorers by Land
Fur Traders and Missionaries
Settlers and Settlements
From Tribal Lands to Statehood
Years of Growth, 1870-1910
From War to War
The Maturing State
The Economy of Washington
Washingtonians and How They Live
Governments in Washington
Suggested Reading List for Students
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"This work, the third edition of Washington State, continues to fill an important gap in the historiography of Washington in that it remains one of the few sources written about the region specifically for students in grades six through twelve. LeWarne's coverage of the state is well-balanced, demonstrating both the ways that Washington State history follows the larger contours of American history and the ways that it occasionally departs from them. [V]ery worthy of adoption by school districts and secondary-school libraries."
-Pacific Northwest Quarterly