Patrick Grant

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  • Published: 2012
  • Subject Listing: Literary Studies
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Known for his exploration of the relationship between Buddhism and violent ethnic conflict in modern Sri Lanka, as well as his contribution to the study of Northern Ireland and the complex relationships among religion, literature, and ethnicity, Grant provides the reader with an analysis of the widespread rise of religious extremism across the globe. Referencing Plato, Van Gogh, Jesus, and the Buddha, he enlightens the reader with both succinct and original insights into human society. Imperfection is the result of an important Canadian public intellectual at work.
Patrick Grant is professor emeritus of English at the University ofVictoria. He is the author of several books, including Buddhism andEthnic Conflict in Sri Lanka; Literature, Rhetoric, andViolence in Northern Irelands; and Personalism and thePolitics of Culture.

"Imperfection draws on philosophy, art, film, psychology and mysticism among others. I can't think of another book that combines such spread of reference, such succinctness, and such depth of concern without losing weight or coherence, notwithstanding its - shall we call it? - wisdom."
-John Wilson Foster, Queen's University, Belfast