Pictorial Anatomy of the Fetal Pig

Stephen G. Gilbert

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  • Published: 1981
  • Subject Listing: Science
  • Bibliographic information: 66 pp.
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"This book was originally designed as a pictorial supplement to be used in connection with other texts. At the request of many teachers, I have expanded the coverage in this edition to include dissecting instructions, descriptive text, and some additional material on the skeleton, muscles, and nervous system."
-Stephen G. Gilbert
1) The Skeleton
2) The Muscles
3) Glans of the Neck and Throat
4) The Oral Cavity
5) Lateral Views of the Viscera
6) The Digestive System
7) The Kidneys and Adrenal Glands
8) The Male Reproductive Organs
9) The Female Reproductive Organs
10) The Circulatory System
11) The Respiratory System
12) The Nervous System
13) The Eye
14) The Ear
Definitions of Descriptive Terms