The Media Gaze

Representations of Diversities in Canada

Augie Fleras

  • Published: 2011. Paperback 2012
  • Subject Listing: Media Studies, Gender Studies, Race and Ethnicity
  • Bibliographic information: 288 pp., 80 illus., 6 x 9 in.
  • Territorial rights: US rights only
  • Distributed for: UBC Press
  • Contents

While Canada is known for its official commitment to diversity, a close look at the country's media reveals that lip service to differences notwithstanding, they rarely engage with it in ways that reflect its presence in Canadian society. The Media Gaze exposes the mainstream media's attempts to appear objective, even as they may ignore or misrepresent those who do not share their white, male, middle-class, heterosexual perspective. Drawing on compelling case studies, this incisive survey explores the societal implications of the industry's hidden bias and suggests strategies for countering its dominance.

"The Media Gaze makes a major contribution to the growing field of media analysis of race, class, and gendered representations. It will become a prime source for students working in critical media studies, and for scholars looking for an updated analysis of the Canadian mediascape."
-Yasmin Jiwani, author of Discourses of Denial: Mediations of Race, Gender, and Violence

Part 1: Seeing Like the Mainstream Media

1 Disassembling Media 101

2 Conceptualizing Media Gazes

Part 2: Media Acting Badly - The
Politics of Media Gazes

3 Racialized Media, Mediated Racism

4 A Gendered Media: Male Media Gazes in a Feminist World

5 Media, Classed: Framing the Rich, the Poor, and the Working

6 Sexuality in the Media: The New Media Gays

7 Engaging Age(ism): Young Adults, Older Adults

Part 3: The (Mis)Representational Processes
- Case Studies in Seeing Like the Media

8 Racializing Immigrants/Refugees: News Framing the Other

9 Advertising Beauty: What Is Dove Really Doing?

10 Reclaiming a Muscular Masculinity: Televising a Working-Class Heroic
/ With the assistance of Dr. Shane Dixon

11 Framing Religion: Media Blind Spot or Coverage That Blinds?

Part 4: Gazing against the Grain -
Toward an Oppositional Media Gaze

12 Social Media as Oppositional Gaze

13 Unsilencing Aboriginal Voices: Toward an Indigenous Media Gaze

14 Ethnic Media: andquot;Empowering the Peopleandquot;

Conclusion: Re-engaging the Media Gaze