How Your Community Can Improve Survival from Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Mickey S. Eisenberg, M.D.

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  • Published: 2009
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Sudden cardiac arrest can strike anyone at any time. But in many cities, people who suffer sudden cardiac arrest are up to 46 times more likely to die than those who experience cardiac arrest in Seattle and King County, Washington, or Rochester, Minnesota - an astonishing and completely preventable variance in survival rates.

In Resuscitate!, Mickey S. Eisenberg, an expert in emergency medical services (EMS), identifies fifty factors associated with the likelihood of surviving cardiac arrest and lays out twenty-five specific steps involved in raising a community's cardiac arrest survival rate. He offers recommendations for immediate and long-term improvement of EMS services, with actions that can be taken at local and national levels that will ultimately benefit anyone who needs emergency care, for any reason.

This book will be valuable for EMS medical directors, administrators and supervisors, and personnel - paramedics, EMTs, dispatchers - as well as elected officials, health services administrators, and concerned citizens. In short, this book is for everyone who wants to learn what we can all do to help more people survive sudden cardiac arrest.

For more than thirty years, Mickey S. Eisenberg, M.D., Ph.D., has played a leading role in developing King County, Washington's emergency response to cases of sudden cardiac arrest, a system recognized as among the very best in the nation. He is Professor of Medicine at the University of Washington and Medical Director of King County Emergency Medical Services.

"If you care about sudden cardiac arrest in your community, and about how your community's EMS system is responding to this critical emergency, I can think of no more important book than this one." - Roger D. White, M.D., Mayo Clinic and Medical Director, City of Rochester and Olmsted County Early Defibrillation Program

"Few, if any, are as committed to reversing early death from sudden cardiac arrest as Mickey Eisenberg. He is a key leader in one of the world's premier EMS systems, and Resuscitate! informs others how to achieve similar results." - Joe Penner, Executive Director, Medic/Mecklenburg EMS, Charlotte, North Carolina

"Loaded with research from leaders in cardiac resuscitation, Resuscitate! is written in an easy to read, comprehensive, and logical approach that can be easily understood by all. It presents ideas for immediate changes in day-to-day operations as well as insight for future planning." - Steve Romines, Director, Thurston County Medic One

"What is your community's survival rate? How can you improve it? This book is a must read for all EMS personnel, EMS administrators, and EMS medical directors, as well as public health leaders and elected officials in every community." - Mohamud Daya, M.D., M.S., Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, Oregon Health and Science University and EMS Medical Director, Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue
Foreword by Roger D. White, M.D.
Guide to Terminology

1. How We Die Suddenly
2. A History of Resuscitation
3. Causes of Sudden Cardiac Death
4. A Profile of Sudden Cardiac Arrest
5. Who Will Live and Who Will Die?
6. Location, Location, Location: Best Places to have a Cardiac Arrest
7. What Can Your Community Do?
8. A Completed Life
9. The Paradox of Technology
10. A Plan of Action

Appendix 1. Incidence and Prevalence of Coronary Artery Disease and Cardiac Arrest
Appendix 2. Web Site:
Appendix 3. Web Site:
Appendix 4. Web Site:
Appendix 5. The Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium

“Resuscitate! is a unique book and is the printed, physical embodiment of an international movement to improve survival from cardiac arrest. I heartily recommend you read it and commit to improving cardiac arrest survival in your community.”
-Kevin G. Seaman, Annals of Emergency Medicine, Volume 62, no. 5, November 2013

"In the book Resuscitate! Mickey Eisenberg offers a visionary 'Sudden Cardiac Arrest Agenda for the Present'....there may not be a more useful reference for every EMS medical director, EMS professional, and concerned citizen to use in their efforts to improve survival from SCA in their community." - Vincent N. Mosesso, Jr., MD., Prehospital Emergency Care, 2011