Offshore Petroleum Politics

Regulation and Risk in the Scotian Basin

Peter Clancy

  • Published: 2011. Paperback 2012
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The extraction of oil and gas from offshore continental shelves represents one of the most dynamic and complex sectors of global petroleum development. Atlantic Canada is no exception and the history of Scotian Basin petroleum over the past half century reveals a fascinating series of political challenges, accommodations, and settlements. Peter Clancy's comprehensive analysis of petroleum politics in Nova Scotia demonstrates the intricate intergovernmental and intercorporate relationships, ecological concerns, and Aboriginal interests that have complicated offshore development. His incisive analysis of the politics at play provides new insights into the unique challenges facing the petroleum industry in Atlantic Canada.
Peter Clancy is a professor of political science atSt. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia.

"An impressive addition to the academic literature on the politics and policy of the Canadian oil and gas industry. Peter Clancy has written a comprehensive, thoughtful, and insightful case study of the Nova Scotia offshore natural gas industry. He weaves together the entire story of this sector- from exploration and discovery to shut-down- and in the process sets a very high standard for further study of the Canadian oil patch."
-Keith Brownsey, Department of Policy Studies, Mount Royal University
1 Introduction

Part 1: The Political Economy of Offshore

2 The Politics of Off shore Basin Development

Part 2: Parameters of the Offshore State

3 The Political Construction of Administrative


4 The CNSOPB in Action: Regulatory Politics in Multiple


5 The Provincial State and the Entrepreneurial Impulse:


Part 3: Case Studies in the Offshore Petroleum

6 Corridor Politics: Sable Gas Project Development

7 The Politics of Backward Linkage: Industrial Benefi ts

8 The Politics of Fiscal Entitlement: Off shore Revenues

9 The Onshore Politics of Natural Gas Distribution

10 The Liquefied Natural Gas Factor in Nova Scotia

11 Offshore Politics and the Aboriginal Challenge

12 Conclusion


Selected Bibliography