Women in Pacific Northwest History

Edited by Karen J. Blair

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  • Published: 2001
  • Subject Listing: History / Western History; Biography, Autobiography, and Memoir; Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
  • Bibliographic information: 334 pp., 27 illus., 5 in color, 6 x 9 in.
  • Territorial rights: World Rights
  • Contents

This new edition of Karen Blair's popular anthology originally published in 1989 includes thirteen essays, eight of which are new. Together they suggest the wide spectrum of women's experiences that make up a vital part of Northwest history.
Part 1. New Directions for Research
1. Tied to Other Lives: Women in Pacific Northwest History, Susan Armitage
Part 2. Politics and Law
2. Of Women's Rights and Freedom: Abigail Scott Duniway, Ruth Barnes Moynihan
3. The Fight for Woman Suffrage and the Oregon Press, Lauren Kessler
4. "His Face is Weak and Sensual": Portland and the Whipping Post Law, David Peterson del Mar
Part 3. Work
5. Working-Class Feminism and the Family Wage Ideal: The Seattle Debate on Married Women's Right to Work, 1914-1920, Maurine Weiner Greenwald
6. Bertha Knight Landes: The Woman Who Was Mayor, Doris H. Pieroth
7. The Job He Left Behind: Women in the Shipyards During World War II, Karen Beck Skold
Part 4. Race and Ethnicity
8. The Role of Native Women in the Creation of Fur Trade Society in Western Canada, 1670-1830, Sylvia Van Kirk
9. A Chicana in Northern Aztlan: Dora Sanchez Trevino, Jerry Garcia
10. Gender Equality in the Colville Indian Reservation in Traditional and Contemporary Contexts, Lillian A. Ackerman
Part 5. The Arts
11. Quilts in the Lives of Women Who Migrated to the Northwest, 1850-1990: A Visual Record Bywater, Mary Bywater Cross
12. The Seattle Ladies Musical Club, 1890-1930, Karen J. Blair
13. Tsugiki, a Grafting: A History of a Japanese Pioneer Woman in Washington State, Gail M. Nomura
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"Women in the Pacific Northwest provides abundant examples of women's active roles as citizens who helped shape regional events, and adds new information to the growing literature on western women."
-Western Historical Quarterly

"New insights into the lives of pioneer Japanese women, urban black women, and the women of the Colville Indian Reservation make the reading of this collection well worthwhile. A solid regional study."

"This book contributes to the task of bringing the lives of Northwest women out of the shadows and provides an excellent model for others to follow. It is of value for the specialist in women's history as well as anyone interested in exploring all the corridors of Pacific Northwest history."
-Oregon Historical Quarterly

"This anthology is a welcome addition to the growing body of literature concerning the history of women in the United States and particularly the history of women in the American West. Its essays, which address the issues of woman suffrage, women's work, race and ethnicity, and the arts.. begin to remedy the long-time dearth of knowledge about women in the Pacific Northwest."