Cute and Creepy

Carrie Ann Baade and Nancy E. Hightower

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  • Published: 2011
  • Subject Listing: Architecture
  • Bibliographic information: 68 pp., 106 color illus., 8.5 x 10 in.
  • Distributed for: Museum of Fine Arts, Florida State University
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Cute and Creepy revels in the genre of the macabre in contemporary art, celebrating dark art and Pop Surrealists. To see the beauty in the carnivalesque or macabre, in freaks and in monsters, is a matter of aesthetics. It is for a daraing audience, an audience open to exploring the strange beauty and the ecstasy inherent in our culture's aversions.

"The grotesque is not a thing in itself. It's not a genre or trope or an 'ism' that can be qualified by a time period. It is an operation, a process that occurs when one is caught in between a moment of humor and horror, or horror and beauty-held in perfect suspension so that neither overrides the other. We are left in momentary paralysis, unsure of what to think, unable to look away."
-Nancy E. Hightower

Revelatory Monsters: Deconstructed Hybrids, The Grotesque, and Pop Surrealism / Nancy E. Hightower

The Artists

Kelly Boehmer
Scott C. Brooks
Ray Caesar
Kate Clark
Timothy Cummings
Lori Field
Laurie Hogin
Mark Hosford
Jessica Joslin
Richard A. Kirk
Kris Kuksi
Laurie Lipton
Travis Louie
Chris Mars
Elizabeth McGrath
Kathie Olivas
Marion Peck
Judith Schaechter
Greg Simkins
Heidi Taillefer
Christian Rex Van Minnen
Martin Wittfooth
Thomas Woodruff
Chet Zar

"An impressive and valuable catalog. . . . you can't resist gawking . . . Lush descriptions and scholarly references bring validity to an art style that in the past has been criticized as being kitschy or lowbrow."
-Gabrielle Reed, ARLIS, 2012 July/August 2012