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Flora of the Pacific Northwest
CD-ROM Edition

Developed by R.U. Kistritz Consultants Ltd.

The CD-ROM Flora of the Pacific Northwest contains botanical information on all the plant species and related taxa (approximately 4,730) described in the book Flora of the Pacific Northwest by C. Leo Hitchcock and Arthur Cronquist (1973). Information on plant taxonomy, common names, habitat, and range is taken directly from the book. Plant illustrations are reproduced from the five-volume Vascular Plants of the Pacific Northwest by C. Leo Hitchcock, Arthur Cronquist, Marion Ownbey, and J. W. Thompson (195569), on which the one-volume Flora was based.

The CD-ROM serves as a companion to the plant identification keys in Flora of the Pacifc Northwest. It provides a quick and flexible means of searching for or browsing through the illustrations.

1997. Version 1.0. System requirements: Microsoft Windows, minimum 4 MB RAM, 386 processor CD-ROM, ISBN 0-295-97652-7, $50.00(s)

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