Center for Korea Studies Publications

The Northern Region of Korea: History, Identity, and Culture

Edited by Sun Joo Kim

Reassessing the Park Chung Hee Era, 1961-1979: Development, Political Thought, Democracy, and Cultural Influence

edited by Hyung-A Kim and Clark W. Sorensen

Colonial Rule and Social Change in Korea, 1910-1945

edited by Yong-Chool Ha, Hong Yung Lee, and Clark W. Sorensen

An Affair with Korea: Memories of South Korea in the 1960s

by Vincent S. R. Brandt

South Korea's Education Exodus: The Life and Times of Early Study Abroad

Edited by Adrienne Lo, Nancy C. Abelmann, Soo Ah Kwon, and Sumie Okazaki

Spaces of Possibility: In, Between, and Beyond Korea and Japan

edited by Clark W. Sorensen and Andrea Gevurtz Arai