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May 2007

Ambassador Thomas Graham Jr., author of Disarmament Sketches, Common Sense on Weapons of Mass Destruction, and, most recently, co-author of Spy Satellites and Other Intelligence Technologies that Changed History, has won the American Bar Associationís World Order Under Law Award. Ambassador Graham is the President of the Lawyers Alliance for World Security.

As a senior diplomat and U.S. government lawyer, Ambassador Graham helped to shape, negotiate, and secure U.S. ratification of international security cornerstones. He also served as general counsel of the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency for fifteen years. As President Clintonís special representative for arms control, non-proliferation, and disarmament, he led the successful U.S. government effort to indefinitely extend the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. In 1996, he led a worldwide effort to successfully support the conclusion of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty negotiations.

Spy Satellites cover

Common Sense on Weapons of Mass 
Destruction cover

Disarmament Sketches cover