About the Press

The University of Washington Press is the nonprofit book and multimedia publishing arm of the University of Washington. The University of Washington Press plays an important role as the major scholarly publisher in the U.S. north of California and west of the Rockies. The Press has published approximately 4,400 books, of which about 1,400 are currently in print. Today we publish about sixty new titles each year.

From the beginning the Press has reflected the University's major academic strengths. Building on those strengths, the Press has achieved recognition as the leading publisher of scholarly books and distinguished works of regional nonfiction in the Pacific Northwest. Our titles cover a wide variety of academic fields, many of which reflect the strengths of our parent university. The Press has especially distinguished lists in Asian studies, Middle East studies, anthropology, Western history and biography, environmental studies, and natural history. We are recognized as the foremost publisher in the country on the art and culture of the Northwest Coast Indians and Alaskan Eskimos, and as a leader in the publication of materials dealing with the Asian American experience. In recent years, the Press has established copublishing and distribution relationships with a growing list of art museums and other institutions around the world.

Employment Information

When available, permanent job openings are posted on the University of Washington's employment site.

General Contact Information

Street address
4333 Brooklyn Avenue NE
Seattle, WA 98105

Mailing address
Box 359570
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General: (206) 543-4050
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Email: uwapress@uw.edu

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Nicole F. Mitchell
(206) 685-9373

Assistant to the Director
Rebecca Brinbury
(206) 221-3597

Grants and Digital Projects
Beth Fuget
(206) 616-0818

Assistant Director of Advancement
Meredith Wisti
(206) 543-3056

Finance and Operations

Tom Helleberg
(206) 221-5892

Intellectual Property Manager
Puja Boyd
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Credit and Accounts Receivable Manager
Linda Tom
(206) 543-4722

Accounts Payable
Heidi Olson
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Editor in Chief
Larin McLaughlin
(206) 221-4995
American studies; Western history; Native American studies; Asian American studies; women's, gender, and sexuality studies; visual culture

Executive Editor
Lorri Hagman
(206) 221-4989
Asian studies, cultural and environmental anthropology

Senior Acquisitions Editor
Regan Huff
(206) 543-4053
Weyerhaeuser Environmental Books, art history, nature and environment, general interest books on the Northwest

Nicole F. Mitchell
(206) 685-9373
Copublications and distributions

Assistant Editor
Whitney Johnson
(206) 221-4940

Editing, Design, and Production

Editing, Design, and Production Manager
Margaret Sullivan
(206) 221.4987

Production Manager
Shirley Woo
(206) 221-4993

Marketing and Sales

Marketing and Sales Director
Rachael Levay
(617) 871-0295 tel
(617) 932-1178 fax
Sales and general marketing

Publicity and Communications Manager
Casey LaVela
(206) 221-4994
Publicity, including events, media, social media, awards, and monthly e-newsletter

Exhibits, Advertising, and Direct Mail Manager
Katherine Tacke
(206) 221-4996
Exhibits, direct marketing, advertising, and desk and exam requests

Catalog and Metadata Manager
Kathleen Pike Jones
(206) 221-4986
Catalog, website, and ebook inquiries