Metrics: Support for Strategic Goals


UW-IT’s strategic plan, updated in January 2014, identifies seven key goals to support UW-IT's mission and meet the University’s current and future information technology needs. Connecting UW-IT’s priority projects to our strategic goals is key to ensuring that our organization is focused on the right priorities in support of the University. This section shows how current UW-IT projects support our strategic goals.

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Metrics: FY 2014

FY 2014: Project Alignment With UW-IT Strategic Goals

The graph below shows the percent of UW-IT priority projects that support each key strategic goal. The projects included are active, approved or completed projects for Fiscal Year 2014, as of February 2014.

Project Alignment with Goals

FY 2014: Specific Projects That Support UW-IT’s Strategic Goals

The table below shows the specific UW-IT priority projects that support each of the seven strategic goals. The projects included are active, approved or completed projects for Fiscal Year 2014, as of February 2014.

Strategic Goal Supporting Projects
1. Provide Superior Infrastructure
Architecture Planning for Enterprise Web Services and Events (complete)
eduroam (complete)
K-20 Operations Expansion
Telecommunications Upgrade Phase 3: Core System Migration
Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Reconfiguration Service (complete)
Web Services and Events Re-architecture Prototype (complete)
WiFi Technology Refresh FY 2014
2. Enhance Collaboration
Exchange Online (Office 365) – Migration from UW Local Exchange and Windows Live
Office 365 Planning (complete)
Office 365 - UW Lync Online (complete)
Office 365 - UW SkyDrive Pro (complete)
3. Enable Innovative Teaching and Learning
Academic & Collaborative Applications (ACA) Service Metrics Scoping Study (complete)
Course Availability Notifications (complete)
Curriculum Management Catalog Management
Deployment of Canvas LMS Phase 2 (complete)
eTexts Pilot (complete)
Lecture Capture 2.0: Phase 1 - Panopto Assessment and Service Design Coordination
MyPlan, Year 2 (complete)
MyUW Rebuild Phase 1: Student Content
4. Support World-Class Research
Campus Research Environment
Pacific Northwest Gigapop (PNWGP) WA 40G Network
UW Public Cloud Infrastructure as a Service
5. Modernize Information & Business Systems
Business Intelligence Visualization
Curriculum Management Course Management
Enterprise Document Management System (EDMS) Implementation Project
Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Infrastructure Renewal
Financial Accounts Grouping (complete)
Financial Management System Billing & Reports Enhancements
HR/P Replacement System Procurement & Contract Negotiations
Kuali Rice Development (complete)
Mainframe Platform Technology Refresh Evaluation - 2014
Procure to Pay Initiative
Recruiter 2.0 Deployment
Seattle Domestic Undergraduate Admissions Modernization: Analysis/Design
Student Application History (complete)
Tableau Business Intelligence Tools Enterprise Pilot (complete)
Upgrade Enterprise (Storage Area Network) SAN Storage
UW-IT IM Shared Infrastructure Renewal
6. Reduce Enterprise Risk
Electronic Faculty Effort and Cost Sharing System (eFECS) Phase 4
FY14 Geographic Redundancy Project
UW Alert System Replacement (complete)
UW NetID Password Policy Foundations Project (complete)
7. Better IT Management
IT Connect Redesign - Design and Deploy (complete)
IT Service Management (ITSM) Implementation - Program Planning (complete)
ITSM Implementation Project 1 - Incident Management/Request Fulfillment
Service Desk Integration with Help Desks
UW-IT Financial Management System Implementation

UW-IT Strategic Plan: Strategic Goals

  1. Provide Superior Infrastructure: Deliver highly functional, reliable and invisible infrastructure that just works—and doesn’t get in the way.
  2. Enhance Collaboration: Provide excellent productivity tools, and enable easy, secure collaboration with partners at the UW and beyond.
  3. Enable Innovative Teaching and Learning:  Provide technology to support and improve the teaching and learning experience.
  4. Support World-Class Research:  Support UW research with up-to-date tools and resources.
  5. Modernize Information and Business Systems:  Provide modern, flexible and integrated business information systems to support a complex, global research institution and access to better business information for planning and analysis.
  6. Reduce Enterprise Risk:  Support UW’s risk management objectives by promoting privacy, security, business continuity and compliance.
  7. Better IT Management:  Improve the operational efficiency and transparency of UW-IT.


Strategic Framework for IT at the University

This framework shows how UW-IT’s vision, mission and strategic goals support the mission of the University: