Metrics: Support for Strategic Goals


UW-IT’s strategic plan, IT Strategies for Discovery, identifies seven key goals to support UW-IT’s mission and meet the University’s current and future information technology needs. Connecting UW-IT’s priority projects to our strategic goals is key to ensuring that our organization is focused on the right priorities in support of the University. This section shows how current UW-IT projects support our seven strategic goals.

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FY 2012: Project Alignment With UW-IT Strategic Goals

The graph below shows the percent of UW-IT priority projects that support each key strategic goal. The projects included are active, approved or completed projects for Fiscal Year 2012.

Project Alignment with Goals

FY 2012: Specific Projects That Support UW-IT’s Strategic Goals

The table below shows the specific UW-IT priority projects that support each key strategic goal. The projects included are active, approved or completed projects for Fiscal Year 2012.

Strategic Goal Supporting Projects
1. Excellent Foundation Services and Infrastructure
F5 Enterprise Load Balancer
UW Telecommunications Upgrade & Pilot
Vitcos Migration Scoping Study
Implement Big Fix Application Server
UW Campus Voicemail Migration
Wi-Fi Capacity/Coverage Enhancements for UW Medicine
2. Improved Collaboration and Productivity Tools
Microsoft Licensing Agreement for Students
Microsoft Licensing Agreement for the Institution
Microsoft Office 365
IT Connect Redesign (Planning Phase)
Student UW Email Decommissioning
UW Exchange 2010 Upgrade
Central Web Servers Upgrade
3. Advanced Global Research Support
eScience Collaboration Phase 3
4. Innovative Teaching and Learning Tools
Canvas LMS Pilot and Evaluation
Retirement of Faculty Opscan Grade Report
Virtual Lab Desktop Access (VIDA)
5. Information for Decision Making
Planning & Budgeting Database Migration - Academic Release
EDW Hardware and Storage Implementation (Phase 1)
6. Modern Business Information Systems
Document Imaging and Management (DIMS) Pilot
U-PASS to ORCA Transition
Kuali Organizational Management (KOM) Evaluation
HR/Payroll Web Service Development (HRPWS)
Data Load Utility
MS Dynamics CRM Proof of Concept
Supplier Registration (SURF) LEAN Project
7. Business Continuity, Security, Privacy Protection
2011 Geographic Redundancy
Student Data Encryption
ADA Improvements for Outdoor Alert Towers


UW-IT Strategic Plan: Key Goals

  1. Excellent foundation services and infrastructure: Deliver highly functional, reliable and invisible infrastructure that just works—and doesn’t get in the way
  2. Improved collaboration and productivity tools: Enable easy, secure collaboration with partners at the UW and beyond
  3. Advanced global research support: Support UW research with up-to-date tools and resources
  4. Innovative teaching and learning tools: Provide technology to support and improve the learning experience
  5. Information for decision making: Provide access to better business information for planning and analysis
  6. Modern business information systems: Provide modern, flexible and integrated business information systems to support a complex, global research institution
  7. Business continuity, security and privacy protection: Support UW’s risk management and compliance objectives

For details see: IT Strategies for Discovery: UW-IT Strategic Plan FY 2012.


Strategy Map

This strategy map shows how UW-IT’s vision, mission and strategic goals support the mission of the University.

UW-IT Strategy Map FY 2012