Document 94: Excerpt from the Diary of F. Hiscock

F. Hiscock, "The Youkon Trail of Year 1898." Dawson City Museum, Yukon, Canada.
Secondary reproduction without museum permission not permitted.

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Lake Bennett,
May 25, 1898

The ice is breaking up fast now and we here of many drownings and boats wrecked....The Mounties have had a busy time. Going out in 3 or 4 boats on a line to rescue, people in boats caught in the ice. May 28....The last week many boats have been crushed in the ice, swamped, outfits lost and people drowned. This is all due to going on the ice, too soon or when it is breaking and leaving for Dawson when there is a small space clear of ice... June 3rd. In tense excitement parties fall out over trifles and in one case to divide their goods, one man tore their tent in half and then sawed the boat in half. At times of excitement, we found it hard to keep the peace L. wanted us to push off in the boat, said we did not know what we may miss at the goldfield through waiting....

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