Document 87: Letter from Alfred McMichael

Diary and Letters of Alfred McMichael, Juliette Reinicker Papers, MSS 100, Acc. 79/68, Box 10,
Yukon Archives, Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada.

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On board Steamer Alliance
March 27, 1898

Steaming North. The scenery is getting much bolder and more grand as we go north...Winding in and out among the mountains, where oftimes one cannot see a possible chance for the boat to get out or where we came in a half a mile back, many places are not a quarter as wide as the Detroit River with the mountains shooting directly up from the water on both sides, the smallest of them being equal to the Highlands on the Hudson....

There is a curious crowd on board this ship. Some of the men look as if they were gotten up to represent a character on the stage, very much overdrawn at that. Full fledged miners right from the outfitting stores of Seattle. Wide hat, buckskin pants and coat, big German sox and moccasins, with perhaps a belt filled with cartridges around their waists. So it goes.

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