Document 84: Letter from Alfred McMichael

Diary and Letters of Alfred McMichael, Juliette Reinicker Papers, MSS 100, Acc. 79/68, Box 10,
Yukon Archives, Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada.

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Dawson City. June 1898.

June 22, 1898. Dear Clara....If you see anyone who is intending coming here—just tell them—don't. I do not say this because I am at all discouraged, but no one can figure out the difficulties from Michigan. There are hundreds of men here idle and cannot procure the funds to get to civilization. This is a poor man's country but he needs plenty of money in his pocket. It is no disgrace to labor because all have to do it. This is especially true of the trail and the lakes and rivers. In no country or place I have seen is there so much dignity in labor. It is a great leveler—this Alaska country. The merchant, millionaire, the ox pusher, mule driver, and the ordinary individual who sleds his own outfit over the pass have the same rough and tough appearance....


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