Document 76: Excerpts from Diary of Tom Boldrick

Klondike Miners, VFMS, Archives, University of Alaska Fairbanks.

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Yukon and Stewart Rivers.

Wednesday July 13, 1898. nothing new transpiring. some boats coming in from up from the Yukon. poor fellers they don't know the great disappointments yet in store for them. this Stewart river seemed the hopes of all that came in there. are now at least three thousand people up that river looking for gold & all that return being the sam dismal story (no good). I know they tell the truth from their looks....

Thursday July 14, 1898. Waiting patiently for the boys up on Black Hills creek to come down & report. That is the only creek we can get any kind of a good report from. I hope we may find it there. every body discouraged....a little steamer came up from Dawson this evening. it seemed to be loaded with people going out. they did not seem to make to exceed 2 miles per hour against the strong current. every body flocked to it for news & got disappointed.


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