Document 7: Letter from Thomas J. Church to General J. B. Metcalfe, July 19, 1897

Erastus Brainerd Scrapbooks, vol. 1, p. 1. Microfilm copy, University of Washington Libraries; original, Manuscripts Division, Library of Congress.

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Chicago, IL
July 19, 1897
General J.B. Metcalfe
Seattle, WA

Dear Sir,

One hears nothing but "Klondyke" on the streets, in stores, saloons and hotel corridors. In fact the Klondyke fever has broken out here badly and the time is ripe to do missionary work for the Queen City....It is evident that if this fever continues Weare's Co. [in Chicago] will not only handle the transportation but will also reap a harvest in provisions thus taking from Seattle an enormous amount of revenue that her merchants are justly entitled to....Would it not be to the interest of the Chamber of Commerce and merchants of Seattle to establish an office or bureau of information at this point. Immigration for Klondyke could be directed to Seattle and ...merchants could be represented and trade solicited for them....It goes to show that work here will result to the advantage of Seattle's financial condition....

I remain very respectfully,

Thomas J. Church

Center for the Study of the Pacific Northwest