Document 69: James Hamil Letter Home to His Sister in Mount Pleasant, Iowa

Klondike Miners, VFMS, Archives, University of Alaska Fairbanks.

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Dawson is composed of two stores (with no supplies) and many Saloons drinks are 50 cts each nothing used smaller than a 50 cts piece. All business is done with Gold dust no money[.] Every one has plenty of money but there is nothing to eat can not buy eatables at any price none to be had [.] 100ds of men are leaving on the Ice for Fort Yucon nearly 600 miles away when the Boats are froze up and flour and meat can be had [.] I have enough to do me until the Boat comes in the Spring by being saving and careful....there has been such a large crowd going in this fall they have go wages down $1.00 per hour one can not work but about six hours a day through the winter....


Center for the Study of the Pacific Northwest