Document 65: Excerpt from James Cooper Diary

"Diary of James S. Cooper and Associates to the Klondike," Dawson City Museum, Yukon, Canada.
Secondary reproduction without museum permission is not permitted.

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THE LAKES AND RIVER. October 4, 1897. Broke camp and started up again facing a strong North wind about 8 AM. Pulled hard until 11 AM, only made three miles, at times could hardly keep boat even with land.....About 2:45 a rustling is heard astern gradually increases to a good stiff South wind...but inside of five minutes the wind turns into a howling gale and we have a very serious proposition on our hands....It could not have been rougher and left us on top of the lake. at one time our mast was almost out of the boat....We make it and shoot by the reef but it is a close call. All hands very thankful. Almost dark. Stop on right bank and start to clear away snow for camp when we are startled by finding the place we picked to pitch our tent is the comparatively new grave of some poor fellow who had been drowned. We push on further into the timber and camp.


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