Document 64: Letter Home from Thomas J. Kearney

Dawson City Museum, Yukon, Canada.
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Dawson City, Alaska
May 29, 1899

The "wash up" is now going on and large quantities of gold are daily coming into Dawson but men do not seem to spend it with the same recklessness that characterized previous years. Thursday evening 7 men had supper at the hotel where I stay on the Klondike and each of them had 80 lbs. of gold dust....I brought down 40 lbs for a man. I caught up with him on the trail and he asked me to take it for him as it was getting two[sic] heavy. I threw it across the saddle and he paid no more attention to it till we reached the hotel. we took different trails but would meet occasionally. It was worth about $10,000 and he said that was nothing to what he could bring down later on.

Center for the Study of the Pacific Northwest