Document 62: Excerpt from James Cooper Diary

"Diary of James S. Cooper and Associates to the Klondike," Dawson City Museum, Yukon, Canada.
Secondary reproduction without museum permission is not permitted.

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Klondike Mining District
November 1897

Nov 26 Fri.—Chilly, 50 below. Stay by cabin and bake bread, also wish we were home...

Nov. 27 Sat.? below, ditto 26th.

Nov. 28 Sun.—We are not suffering...from the sun's rays.

Nov. 29 Mon.—Harry and I quite homesick, everything goes wrong, stove gets mean, spill sourdough, break axe handle and capsize grease lamp. "Wish we were home", still this is a Good Country. Burnham calls, reports no mail and Dawson quiet. H and J. play crib.

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