Document 56: Letter from T. T. Barbour

Reprinted in Alton Democrat, June 26, 1898. (Letters of Iowa Goldseekers, Archives, University of Alaska Fairbanks. See also, John Clark Hunt, ed., "The Adventures of the Iowa Goldseekers," Alaska Journal 3 (Winter 1973), p. 2-11.

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Dawson City

You never saw such sights as we did coming down river. The crazy people. At the mouth of every river coming into the Yukon there were thousands camped....tents for miles on each side of the mouth of every stream, but as yet no strikes or reports....Coming into Dawson you never saw such a sight. For miles up and down the river and up on the mountain sides across the river, was a mass of tents. We had to land two miles above the town...


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