Document 52: Excerpt from Dawson Daily News

Dawson Daily News, May 23, 1900. Reprinted in Norman Bolotin, A Klondike Scrapbook: Ordinary People, Extrordinary Times
(San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 1987), p. 50.

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Dogs, everywhere, day and night, howling, fighting, filthy, mangy dogs—all these and more form at present one of the worst nuisances that has for a long time afflicted the citizens of Dawson....This is the season of the year when cruel and selfish owners of dogs, with no further use for them, have turned them loose on the community to prey for an existence....There are more dogs in town today than there ever were before. It is calculated that there are at least 2,000 dogs now running loose on the streets of Dawson.

Center for the Study of the Pacific Northwest