Document 35: Letter from Joseph Gibson, Dawson City, to His Wife Sarah Ellen Gibson

Sarah Ellen Gibson Collection, Correspondence 1884-1903, Archives, University of Alaska Fairbanks.

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...[y]ou and the boys can make more than I can and if we get a claim all right if not we can get $3000 or $4000 together in a couple of years and get a home some place and be some body....bring your thread and needles...bring your sewing machine...we can make a start....we can make the price of a home in year or may wonder but come I am a changed man I can tell you no strangers for me any more....Bring no furniture.

—Joseph Gibson, in Dawson City, to his wife Sarah Ellen Gibson, asking her to join him there, and to bring their sons Tommy and Elmer. She followed him, and ran a laundry in Dawson City for five years.


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