Document 30: Letter from R. Hunter Fitzhugh to His Mother

Robert Hunter Fitzhugh Collection, Box 2, Archives, University of Alaska Fairbanks.

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Hoosier Creek
March 2, 1900

Dear Mother,

...You could be amused at the fellows who come down from Dawson bound for Cape Nome. They come at the rate of about 20 a day, with all sorts of rigs, but mostly with dog sleds. It's only a short 1500 mile jaunt, you know. Two fellows came down without even blankets; no grub, no stove; nothing but foot-ware and an axe. Some people call them gritty, but I know a name for them that is far more applicable. They trusted to stopping with wood-cutters, prospectors, etc. along, and the merciful Providence that looks after drunkards, babies, and idiots has steered them safely so far....

We have beautiful, brilliant sunshine now from nine thirty to two P.M. and it makes us all feel like young unicorns.



Center for the Study of the Pacific Northwest