Document 27: R. Hunter Fitzhugh Letter Fragment

Robert Hunter Fitzhugh Collection, Box 2, Archives, University of Alaska Fairbanks.

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January, 1900, Rampart Mining District

Awfully afraid of water, as one of my holes has already filled up, and the boys next door have five holes to bedrock, and all are filled with water, making the work of six men for two months as nothing. I really think we will lose our work, as only one hour is necessary to fill our pay shaft with water, and then we'll have all our work to do over again, in which event I'll pack my sled with all my worldly goods and drag my slow length to town, and look for another job with wages....

The boys on Little Manook Jr. have it rich....They find small nuggets right along, about four or five dollars being common....Several lumps between $10.00 and $30.00 being found, and one weighing $76.00 was found at the dump on No. 8 above.

This thing of place mining is fascinating after all, for a man never knows when he is going to pick up the rarest nugget in the world. I MAY find it tomorrow, and I probably will not find more than a few cents. And I am likely to find our shaft full of water.

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