Document 13: John Meares Describes Trade in the Northwest

John Meares, Voyages Made in the Years 1788 and 1789, from China to the North West Coast of America: To which Are Prefixed . . . Observations on the Probable Existence of a North West Passage; and Some Account of the Trade Between the North West Coast of America and China; and the Latter Country and Great Britain (London: Logographic Press, 1790), p. 114-23.

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Please note that in this document, Maquilla is Chief Maquinna. In addition, some 18th century publishers used two types of s in printing—a medial s, frequently used in the middle of words, and a round s, similar to the one that we use today. The medial s looks nearly identical to the letter f. Thus, the word poffeffed actually means possessed. Although you may find reading this style of printing difficult at first, you should get used to it fairly quickly.


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