Document 48: Letter Protesting Second Denny Hill Regrade

George F. Cotterill to Board of Park Commissioners and City Council of Seattle, 17 May 1928. Seattle Municipal Government, Don Sherwood Parks History Collection, Parks History Files Seattle Municipal Archives, Office of the City Clerk, Control No. 5801-01, Box 24, Folder 8.

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To one familiar with this oldest and most central park area, used for three decades as the ‘God’s Acre’ on the fringe of pioneer Seattle, the devoted resting place of the pioneer dead, then dedicated by the honored pioneers David T. and Louisa Boren Denny as their perpetual contribution for the public park service of the future Seattle—as one who has witnessed its transformation through more than forty years from the stumps of the primeval forest surrounding the old community cemetery into the growing beauties of lawn and foliage and the increasing usefulness of park and playground in the central congested district, and with a vision of its larger and most strategic public service at the very heart of the Greater Seattle developed by the Denny Hill Regrade—the writer is impelled to voice most earnest protest against the threatened destruction and sacrifice of Denny Park.

Center for the Study of the Pacific Northwest