Document 25: Seattle Civic Movement

"Closing Word," from Virgil G. Bogue, Plan of Seattle: Report of the Municipal Plans Commission submitting Report of Virgil G. Bogue, Engineer (Seattle: Lowman and Hanford, 1911).

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Closing Word

Recognition of Seattle's needs has given rise to a new civic movement in the right direction. The propriety of such recognition has been made clear by precedent and this movement shows a readiness to take advantage of every suggestion and help in the upbuilding of a community having possibilities second to none.

These possibilities have been recapitulated in the foregoing pages, and plans for their crystalization into actualities have been detailed. Every statement, suggestion and general scheme or plan therein submitted, has been the outcome of a careful study of the situation.

Expenditures of large sums will be demanded as the years roll on, but a community which has already accomplished enough to excite world-wide admiration will find means to continue a good work with but one possible outcome; especially in view of the certainty that work performed haphazard and piecemeal, or which does not follow an approved general plan, will cost more, produce less and be less creditable.


The plan, with the exception of the Civic Center, the street encircling the Civic Center, the extension of Dexter Avenue southward to the Civic Center, the extension of Ninth Avenue southward from Denny Way to Stewart Street, the position of Central Stations on the axis of Central Avenue, and the fixed policy of keeping all waterways which face upon Elliott Bay free from bridges, need not be followed on precise lines in every instance, but the plan should be deviated from only when detail studies preparatory to construction show minor changes to be necessary, and any deviation should not be of such nature or extent as to jeopardize the value and harmony of the plan as a whole, or any part thereof.

The plan is set forth in words in this report, and illustrated, and explained in the appendices and by maps, sketches, designs and illustrations accompanying, which are made part hereof.

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