Document 8b: Lin Doo Merchant Status

In the matter of the application of Lin Doo for the determination of his merchant status prior to his departure for China, July 23, 1908. Record Group 85, Box 64, File RS2129. Immigration and Naturalization Service, Seattle District Office, Chinese Exclusion Act Case Files, c.1882-1920. National Archives and Records Administration: Pacific-Alaska Region (Seattle).

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United States of America, No. State of Washington, County of King.


John Shea [signature] being first duly sworn upon oath deposes and says: That I am a citizen of the United States and of the State of Washington, and a resident of Seattle, King County; That I am other than a Chinese person; That I have resided in said city for more than 25 years last past; That my business is that of a Bank Clerk; That I am well and truly acquainted with Lin Doo, his photograph being hereto attached; That he is not a laborer, but is an actual bona fide merchant and has been engaged in said city as such merchant for at least one year; That he is a member of the Ah King Company, Chinese Merchants, doing business at 217 Washington Street, Seattle, Washington.

I further depose and say that the work which the said Lin Doo did and performed in the conduct of his business as such merchant and a member of the firm hereinbefore mentioned during the one year immediately preceding the date of this affidavit consisted of acting as salesman of said company and that during said period of one year he has not performed any manual labor other than herein specifically set forth.

I further depose and say that the said Lin Doo is desirous of leaving the United States temporarily on a visit to China and after so doing wishes to return; That I believe the statements made in the application hereto attached are true and correct.

[signature] John Shea

subscribed and sworn to before me this 16th day of July, 1908.

Moncrieffe Cameron

[signature] Notary Public in and for The State of Washington, residing at Seattle.

  In the Matter of the Application of  )       
Lin Doo )
) Seattle, Washington, for a prime facie Endorsement as )
a domiciled Chinese Merchant, ) July 27, 1908
Member of the Firm of Ah King )
Company, #217 Washington Street, )
Seattle, Wash. )

G. H. Mangels, Chinese Inspector, Examiner and Stenographer.

JAMES SHEA, being sworn, testified as follows:

INSPECTOR: Q What is your name?

WITNESS: A James Shea.

Q Howold [sic] are you, where do you live, and what is your business?
A Twenty-five years old; live in South Park, Seattle; business, bank clerk in the National Bank of Commerce.

Q Are you acquainted with any of the Chinese of Seattle?
A I am.

Q Do you know who that is (exhibiting to witness photograph of Lin Doo)
A Lin Doo, of the Ah King Company.

Q Where is that company's place of business?
A 0n Washington Street, near Second; I don't recall the number.

Q What kind of business does the firm conduct?
A Chinese general merchandise store.

Q Howlong [sic] have you known Lin Doo?
A About a year and a half.

Q What was the occasion of your becoming acquainted with him?
A He has bought exchange for the Ah King Company on Hongkong.

Q What is his position in the firm?
A I am informed that he is a salesman.

Q How do you know that he is a partner in the firm?
A I have been informed by Ma Hing and Ah King.

Q Have you ever visited the store?
A I have.

Q Howoften [sic] during the past year?
A Perhaps once or twice a month.

Q During those visits have you always found Lin Doo in the store?
A In most all cases.

Q What was he then doing?
A Apparently acting as salesman.

Q Do you know of his having done any laboring work during the past year?
A I do not.

Q Had he done such laboring work do you think you would have been aware of it?
A Probably not; to the best of my knowledge andbelief [sic] he has not done any laboring work.

Q What was the occasion of your visiting the store so often?
A In regard to the company's nuying [sic] exchange on Hongkong and Business for the National Bank of Commerce.

Q How often would Lin Doo visit your bank?
A Probably two or three times a month.

Q Do you know the value of the stock of goods of the company at the present time?
A No, I do not.

Q Is it large or small?
A They apparently carry a large stock, nut [sic] I have no way of estimating the value of it.

Q Do you know any other of the partners of the firm?
A I do; Ah King, Mar Hing, and Hock Lung.

Q What amount of business does the firm do with your bank in a year?
A Probably the exchange would run $3,000a [sic] month; their balances in the bank run from $1,000 to $3,000.

Q Does Lin Doo speak English?
A He does.

Q Does the firm do manufacturing at their place of business?
A Not to my knowledge.

Q Has the firm any connection with launry [sic], barber-shop, restaurant or lodging-house?
A Not to my knowledge.

Q Do you think you can state that during the past year Lin Doo has not done any laboring work other than what was necessarily incident to
the conduct of his business?
A Yes.

Q Do you know anything about the family of Lin Doo?
A I do not.

Q Do you know the amount of interest Lin Doo has in the firm?
A No, sir, I am not aware of it.

Q Do you receive pay for acting as a witness in this case?
A No.

[Stenographic notes signed by the witness.]

I hereby certify that the foregoing is a full, true and correct transcript of the testimony taken by me in the above matter, and that the same was approved, acknowledged, signed and sworn to by the witness James Shea. January 18, 1909.

G. H.
Mangels [signature]

Chinese Inspector and Stenographer.

Center for the Study of the Pacific Northwest