Document 8a: Lin Doo Merchant Status

In the matter of the application of Lin Doo for the determination of his merchant status prior to his departure for China, July 23, 1908. Record Group 85, Box 64, File RS2129. Immigration and Naturalization Service, Seattle District Office. Chinese Exclusion Act Files, c. 1882-1920. National Archives and Records Administration: Pacific-Alaska Region (Seattle).

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Seattle, July 23rd, 1908.

Inspector A. F. Richardson, Oscar St. Cyr
E X A M I N E R Stenographer


Q What is your Name?
A Daniel Landon.

Q Your business?
A Attorney.

Q Do you live in Seattle?
A Yes.

Q For whom are you a witness now?
A For Lin Doo.

Q Who is this Lin Doo?
A He is a Chinese merchant.

Q What Company?
A Ah King Co., a Corporation.

Q Where is the location?
A 217 Washington Street, Seattle.

Q How long have you known this man Lin Doo?
A At-least two years probably longer.

Q Has he been a member of that firm all the time that you have known him?
A Yes I understand so.

Q Well don't you know what his business was when you first became acquainted with him?
A Yes he was in the store there and held himself to be a member of the firm.

Q What reason have you to think that Lin Doo is a partner in this firm?
A I looked at a list of the members of the firm several times and his name appears on the 1ist as a member of the firm and always has.

Q Do you know any other members of the firm?
A Yes. Ah King, I think Mar Hing, and several others that I know by sight but I cannot recall by name. Wah Yeun; Ah Foy.

Q How often have you visited this store?
A Once a day.

Q Nearly every day?
A Yes nearly every day.

Q Have you seen this boy Lin Doo in that store working behind the counter?
A Yes.

Q To all appearances he was one of the proprietors?
A Yes he is.

Q What is his business in that partnership?
A Salesman and bookeeper.

Q What is the line of business?
A They do a wholesale, also a retail, but quite a large wholesale business in Chinese goods.

Q Grocery line?
A Grocery.

Q How long have you known of this firm; this Ah King firm?
A I organized the firm, I was the attorney, I think about two years ago. It was formerly the Wah Yeun Co.

Q Was Lin Doo connected with that firm under its former name?
A I am not prepared to say, not to my knowledge.

Q Did you know him before he joined the Ah King Co?
A I do not think I did. I think probably I knew him by sight. Since that time I have represented the Company and I am very familiar with the business.

Q Will you sware(sic) that this man has done no work as a 1aborer except that connected with his business, as a member of the firm for a year past?
A Yes sir.

Q Do you know anything as to the amount of Lin Doo's interest in the firm?
A I understand it is $500.

Q Well if you organized the firm, you know something about it?
A Yes that is what it was. Most of them were $500. There was one or two put in more; Ah King for instance.

Q Have you any idea as to the value of their stock in trade, stock they carry on hand.
A Yes the stock is worth from $10,000 to $20,000, and the property which they own, the building is valued at about $50,000. They paid $30,000 for it.

Q That is owned by the firm Ah King Co.
A That is owned by the firm Ah King Co.

Q Is this photograph which is attached to the application of Lin Doo the Picture of Lin Doo?
A Yes sir.

Q Have you anything else that you can say Bearing on this man's position?
A I do not think so. Unless I could state that I believe that he has all the appearances of a merchant


LIN DOO No. 3......

Examination of Lin Doo (Applicant in this case. ) Applicant sworn.

Q What is your name?
A Lin Doo.

Q How old are you?
A 28 years old.

Q Where were you born?
A In China.

Q What district?
A Canton City.

Q How long have you been in the United States.
A Oh! I came about 20 years ago.

Q Have you been in China since?
A No.

Q Your father life(sic) here?
A Yes I come over with my father.

Q Dose(sic) your father live in this country now?
A No, in China now.

Q Have you any brothers here?
A No.

Q Uncles, any relation?
A Uncle.

Q What is his name?
A Hock Hong,

Q Where is he now?
A He is here.

Q In the Ah King Co?
A No.

Q Where does your uncle live?
A Wah Yeun Co,

Q What is your business?
A I belong to the Ah King Co.

Q How long have you belonged to that firm?
A Over two years.

Q How much money have you in that Company?
A $500.00,

Q Did you pay $500. cash in that Company?
A Oh Yes!

Q You put cash in?
A Yes certainly.

Q What kind of business do they do?
A Chinese groceries.

LIN DOO No, 4......

Q How many partners altogether?
A About 40.

Q Give me the names?
A Ah King; Wee Gee, Wah Yeun, Hong Gong, Mar Hing, and Lui Jung, I cannot think of the rest,

Q How much money has Lui Jung in the firm?
A 1,000

Q Mar King?
A $10,000.

Q Wee Gee? A $l000.

Q Wah Yeun?
A $1000.

Q Hong Gong?
A $1000.

Q What did you work at before you went into that store?
A I was a laborer before I went into the store, at Lewiston, Idaho.

Q What do you do in the store?
A 2nd Book Keeper.

Q Do you sell goods behind the counter?
A Some-times.

Q Where do you live in the store?
A Oh Yes.

Q How much stock does your company handle, how much are the goods worth?
A $20,000.

Q Your company own the building?
A Yes.

Q Who is the head of the Company?
A Ah King.

Q Who is the first Book Keeper.
A Wee Gee.

Q Who handles the money?
A Ah King.

Q When was the Ah King Company organized, when did it start?
A It started over two years ago, nearly three years.

Q You went in when the firm started?
A Yes.

Q Was the Ah King Company formerly the Wah Yeun Co.
A No different.

Q Have you done any work as a laborer for one year, for
the year past?
A No in the store.

Q Who are your witnesses, Mr. Landon?
A Yes,

Q And Mr. James Shea?
A Yes,

Q How long have you known Mr. Landon?
A About three years.

Q What is his business?
A Lawyer.

Q How long have you known Mr. Shea?
A Two or three years.

Q What is his business?
A Bank of Commerce.

Q Do you have business with that bank?
A Oh Yes,

Q Yourself or the firm?
A Company.

Q Do you go to the bank with the money?
A Some times.

Q How does Mr. Shea know you?
A I have known Mr. Shea a long time?

Q How does he know you?
A He saw me in the bank.

Q Did Mr. Shae(sic) ever come to your store?
A Oh Yes.

Q Does Mr. Landon come to your store too?
A Oh Yes.

Q From what port are you going to Seattle?
A From Seattle, next week Monday.


A. F. Richardson.

I hereby certify that the foregoing is a full true and correct transcript of the stenographic notes taken by me in the above case July 23rd, 1908.

(Signature)Oscar St. Cyr


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