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School of Public Health & Community Medicine

Integrated WEB-DATABASE Project

The goal of this unit-specific UIF project is to develop an integrated information resource for the School of Public Health and Community Medicine that will link the SPHCM Web Site, SPHCM databases, and University of Washington data warehouse (the "USER" Project) data.

Three current developments have motivated this project. First, there is a growing use of—and reliance on—the "Web" by students, faculty, staff, professional colleagues and, especially, prospective applicants. The Web is becoming an increasingly important place to learn about the school, to carry out administrative and scholarly tasks, and to access information generally. Second, database computer technology has become both more powerful and more user friendly. Third, the University has developed an extensive data warehouse (USER Project) that can provide detailed data to plan and monitor virtually all aspects of our academic mission.

UIF resources will allow us to enhance our Web presence:

In addition, UIF funding will be used to develop an integrated, multi-user (relational) database, utilizing (and enhancing) USER Project data files on faculty, students, courses, research, community service, publications, alumni, finances, and space allocation information. The School of Public Health and Community Medicine Integrated Web-Database will:

Contact: Frederick A. Connell, MD, MPH
Associate Dean, Academic Affairs
Allocation: $31,250
Date Funded: July 2000