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Office of Educational Partnerships

Supporting K-12 Education Reform

Technology and Curriculum Integration Training at the John Stanford International School

The John Stanford International School is a joint project of the Seattle Public Schools and the University of Washington. The mission of this K-5 school is to educate "culturally diverse, lifelong learners, who exemplify superior academic standards and possess advanced skills in the areas of technology, communication, and languages."

One of the most significant and visible ways that the University is partnering with the International School is through various technology initiatives. In addition to supplying a connection to the Internet2 "Gigapop", the Office of Educational Partnerships is assisting with grant-writing and fundraising activities to ensure that the school will have state-of-the-art hardware and software. However, many of the teachers and staff lack the technology skills and knowledge necessary to integrate technology into their newly wired and well-equipped classrooms.

In order to meet this critical need, the Office of Educational Partnerships, working in partnership with UW Educational Outreach, will develop and offer professional development activities in basic technology skills and integrating technology into the curriculum. The Office of Educational Partnerships will also create a laptop-on-loan program for the International School teachers while they are enrolled in these professional development activities.

The University of Washington's partnership with the John Stanford International School is one of the institution's current major initiatives to help K-12 students in Washington State achieve higher academic standards. Many University faculty and staff are involved in this highly visible partnership effort. This proposal helps direct the University's expertise in integrating technology into teaching and learning toward a critical need of an important Seattle partner school.

Contact: Louis Fox
Vice Provost, Office of Educational Partnerships
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Allocation: $9,933
Date Funded: December 1999