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UWILL: the University of Washington Information Learning Lab

The UW Libraries will create a web-based Information Learning Lab (UWILL) comprised of interactive, multimedia learning tools, including tutorials and assessment instruments that address specific elements of information literacy from discipline-based perspectives. The goal of the UWILL project is the transformation of the way in which information literacy instruction is provided by the University of Washington and its Libraries. In addition to providing tools for teaching information literacy within specific courses, UWILL will provide guidance to instructors in designing assignments that address its component skill sets. The service will be centrally managed within the UW Libraries, but developed through the partnership of librarians, departmental faculty, and regional employers and professionals. UWILL will make it easier for faculty to include information literacy instruction in their syllabi and enable higher level information literacy instruction in subsequent course work, building the extended problem-solving skills articulated by the Fluency with Information Technology (FITness) vision expressed by the National Research Council and the Assocation of College and Research Libraries Information Competencies for Higher Education.

Contacts: Betty Bengtson
Director of University Libraries
  John Holmes
Reference Librarian/User Education Coordinator
Related website: University of Washington Information Learning Lab (UWILL)
Allocation: $167,877
Date Funded: March 2000