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College of Forest Resources & College of Ocean and Fishery Sciences

Coordinated Curriculum in GIS, Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis for Earth Sciences and Natural Resource Planning

A critical component in support of interdisciplinary education and research in earth sciences is missing at the University of Washington. The absence of a coherent curriculum in spatial analysis of information pertaining to land and ocean processes and resource planning through the science and application of the tools of Geographic Information and Remote Sensing jeopardizes the potential quality of our education and research community.

This project initially establishes a coordinated teaching program for undergraduate and graduate education in spatial analysis for earth sciences and natural resource planning in the College of Ocean and Fishery Sciences and the College of Forest Resources. Additionally, the project addresses the interdisciplinary and collaborative needs of other academic units specifically involved in the application of these technologies. Spatial analysis spans theory, technology, data assimilation, and modeling. The goal of this initiative is to coordinate the use of the available resources towards providing (1) a coherent set of courses in spatial information technology, and applied spatial modeling, and (2) appropriate computer laboratories and teaching facilities for these courses.

The key elements of this initiative are to:

To achieve these goals, the project will:

  1. Support faculty and teaching assistants;
  2. Provide annual software licenses fees, equipment upgrades, and supplies; and
  3. Develop a coordinated curriculum between academic units.

Contacts: Arthur Nowell
Dean, Ocean & Fishery Sciences
  Kristiina Vogt
Dean, College of Forest Resources
Allocation: $35,556 (Forestry) + $43,623 (Ocean & Fishery Sciences) = $79,179
Date Funded: March 2000