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College of Engineering

Programmatic Enhancements

Characterizing Engineering Graduates as Emerging Practitioners: A Cross-disciplinary, Longitudinal Investigation
Cynthia Atman, Director, Center for Engineering Learning and Teaching; Fred Mannering, Chair, Civil and Environmental Engineering; and Tony Wood, Director, Industrial Engineering will collaborate with each department in the College of Engineering to identify measures to characterize engineering graduates in that discipline, collect data on these measures from graduating students, and incorporate these characterizations into the department's continuous quality improvement plans.

Creation of a Student and Community Relations (SCORE) Unit
SCORE focuses on two stakeholders critical to the excellence and growth of undergraduate education in the College of Engineering:

  1. Students, including prospective, pre-engineering, and engineering students, and
  2. Community, with particular emphasis on those under-served by the College; the general public; our alumni; and the K-12 community.
SCORE will provide to these constituents new outreach services, resources, and programs. Via these outreach services, SCORE seeks to improve the quality and diversity of the students in engineering.

Center for Electron Microscopy
Based on extensive discussions with current and potential users of the three Transmission Electron Microscopes and a Scanning Electron Microscope in facilities in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, it has become clear that Electron Microscopy is important to a broad set of researchers and educators in the University. In addition, there is a need for training on the use of the microscopes and coordination of the upgrade and maintenance of the existing facility. This project will create an open-access, multi-user Center for Electron Microscopy in the College of Engineering. This Center will serve the electron microscopy needs of materials-related research and educational programs at the University.

Contact: Denice Denton
Dean, College of Engineering
Allocation: $186,557
Date Funded: December 1999