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Computing and Communications

Increased Investment in MyUW

Recognizing the shift from web publication to personalized transaction oriented web services (web portals) and the value of building deeper relationships with our constituencies using web technologies, in 1997 C&C began developing an experimental narrowly focused proof of concept for a customizable, personalized UW web portal, called MyUW (TM). It was focused just on active students and linked with *star on line* web based interactive student services. Usability tests with students and focus groups provided feedback to refine our thinking.

The University is currently positioned to build on the investment and vision behind the MyUW (TM) technology in order to provide a broad based service integrating our various constituencies into a deeper relationship with the University, recognizing and embracing the many facets of their relationships and integrating their view of the University into a personalized, transaction-oriented set of services. Potential services could be developed for teaching faculty, employees (including teaching faculty), students, prospective students, K-12 and community college educators, patients, life long learners, and alumni.

MyUW (TM) is positioned to become an essential component of the University's vision and to do that must evolve as an integral part of the UW's technology infrastructure. To make this a reality, the authentication infrastructure and the MyUW software and services need a great deal of additional development.

Contact: Ronald Johnson
Vice President, Vice Provost
Allocation: $164,899
Date Funded: December 1999