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UIF-1 Project Reviews

Reports of the UIF-1 Project Reviews (in order of review date):

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  1. Streamlining Support Services through Web-based Technologies (USER)
  2. Walter Chapin Simpson Center for the Humanities
  3. Undergraduate Program in Neurobiology
  4. Graduate School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS)
  5. Partnership for a Seamless Education
  6. Center for NanoTechnology
  7. The Puget Sound Regional Synthesis Model (PRISM)
  8. Health Sciences Partnerships Interdisciplinary in Clinical Education (HSPICE)
  9. Public Health Genetics in the Context of Law, Ethics, and Policy

Project-specific UIF-1 Reviews*
Offices of the President and Provost
University of Washington

Purpose of the review of UIF -1 projects: At the inception of the University Initiatives Fund program, President McCormick pledged to review the accomplishments of the funded projects. Assessment is a routine feature of all major initiatives at the UW, but this was a particularly important commitment because (1) the UIF projects were encouraged to be especially risk-taking; and (2) this was hard-won money, taken from existing programs to support these new ventures.

Purpose of the UIF: The University Initiatives Fund (UIF) is intended to enable the University to seize opportunities at the frontiers of knowledge and learning or to reshape existing programs to meet with the highest and best needs of the institution. The fund allows the University to invest in those initiatives that transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries and to respond to broad institutional goals. The UIF program has supported a wide range of strategic initiatives that seek to advance the goals of the institution in tangible and measurable ways. All funded initiatives are expected to offer significant academic impact or provide substantially enhanced level of service to academic programs, enhance quality and excellence, and provide for the long-term significance and sustainability of their contributions.

Review committees: Review committees consist of two UW faculty and/or staff who are not directly involved in the project but are in closely related areas. Additionally, committees include one external reviewer who is judged to be a content expert. Since three reviewers can in no way be considered to represent all important stakeholder groups, the intention is that the reviewers will consult widely with key individuals and groups.

Charge to the review committees: Following their review of written annual progress reports and 1˝ days of consultations, review committees will be asked to: (1) assess the project’s accomplishments in the context of their original intentions; (2) provide constructive feedback to project leaders; and (3) make a recommendation to the President and Provost regarding continuation of funding.

Dissemination of Review Committee Reports: All final reports will be available on the UIF website .

Comments and Questions: At any point in the process, feel free to direct comments and questions to Associate Provost Debra Friedman (, 543-6616).


2000-01 UIF-1 Review Process Timeline

Summer and Fall, 2000

Review teams assembled, reviews scheduled (B. Greenwald)
Fall, 2000 Preliminary meeting with internal members of the review team (D. Friedman)
Fall, 2000 Charge letter and project materials will be distributed to review committee (D. Friedman, B. Greenwald)
Fall, 2000 and Winter 2001 Review committee site visits and preliminary recommendations
Spring 2001 President and Provost announce outcomes of the reviews