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UIF (University Initiative Fund) UIF Article Archive

Finalists Chosen in Competition for Initiative Funding

Twenty-two preproposals for the University Initiatives Fund (UIF) were selected to submit full proposals, Acting Provost Lee L. Huntsman announced this week. The deadline for full proposals is March 1; funding will begin July 1.

They were selected from a pool of 63 preproposals reviewed by Huntsman and the advisory UIF review committee he appointed.

"The initial review process has reduced both the number of proposals and the funding requested by about a factor of three," Huntsman wrote in a letter to deans, vice provosts and vice presidents. "Since UIF support will be on the order of $8 million for the 1997-99 biennium, another three-fold reduction will be required in the consideration of full proposals."

The total estimated biennial budgets for all preproposals reached nearly $70 million.

UIF funding comes from a one percent budget reduction imposed on all University units, and both academic and administrative units were invited to submit proposals. Approximately a third of the funding comes from administrative units, and at least one sixth of the allocation will support administrative initiatives.

"With an abundance of excellent ideas, this has been a promising start for the UIF," Huntsman said.

Preproposals invited to submit full proposals are:

The 12 members of the UIF advisory committee were selected for having "recognized expertise, judgment and institutional perspective," Hunstman said. Committee members are: James Banks, professor and director of the Center for Multicultural Education; John Coulter, executive director, Health Sciences Administration; Ernest Henley, professor emritus, Department of Physics; Margaret Heitkemper, chair, Biobehavioral Nursing and Health Systems; Charles Hirschman, chair, Department of Sociology; Gretchen Kalongi, professor, Materials Science and Engineering; Thomas Lockwood, chair, Department of English; Robin McCabe, professor and director, School of Music; Jeraldine McCray, assistant vice president, Facilities Services; Roger Perlmutter, chair, School of Medicine Department of Immunology; Robert Van Citters, professor, School of Medicine Department of Cardiology; and Stephen Woods, professor, Department of Psychology.

The same group will review full proposals. As with the preproprosals, evaluation will be in terms of impact, innovation, feasibility and cost-effectiveness, Huntsman said. He will forward recommendations for funding to President Richard L. McCormick, who will make the final decisions.

UIF (University Initiative Fund) UIF Article Archive