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UIF (University Initiative Fund) UIF Article Archive

Comments From Members of the UIF Advisory Committee

"It has been gratifying to see how this process has brought together people who had never worked with each other before and inspired them to produce imaginative ideas that wouldn’t otherwise have emerged. The creative abilities within this university are remarkable."
--Lee L. Huntsman, Provost and chair of the committee

"The transfer of resources is always painful, but in the long run the UIF will create the incentives for more interdisciplinary collaboration and reward the most promising efforts. For critics who have doubts, I can assure you that the process was as fair as a group of dedicated, intelligent, and diverse faculty members could devise."
--Charles Hirschman, chair, Department of Sociology

"The diversity of the projects, the depth and breadth of participation, and the quality of the ideas put forth were truly exciting. It was delightfully refreshing to be able to step back and take the measure of the 'universe' in this university. These opportunities are all too rare, and the UIF's most important function is to provide some space, mechanisms, and motivation for that to happen."
--Gretchen Kalonji, professor, Materials Science and Engineering

"The four arts chairs, from Music, Dance, Art, and Drama, did submit what we considered a very meritorious and imaginative curriculum proposal. Perhaps we did not present it well. But, we will be back the next time!"
--Robin McCabe, professor and director, School of Music

Other committee members were: James Banks, professor and director of the Center for Multicultural Education; John Coulter, executive director, Health Sciences Administration; Ernest Henley, professor emeritus, Department of Physics; Margaret Heitkemper, chair Biobehavioral Nursing and Health Systems; Thomas Lockwood, chair, Department of English; Jeraldine McCray, assistant vice president, Facilities Services; Roger Perlmutter, chair, School of Medicine Department of Immunology; Robert Van Citters, professor, School of Medicine Department of Cardiology; and Stephen Woods, professor, Department of Psychology.

UIF (University Initiative Fund) UIF Article Archive