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UIF (University Initiative Fund) UIF Article Archive

1997 University Initiative Funds Awarded Across Campus

Included on this page:

Academic Proposals

Proposal Participating Units UW Missions Served
Center for Nanotechnology
Nanotechnology is the engineering of devices and materials on the very smallest scale, at the level of molecules. This new interdisciplinary center will put the UW in the vanguard of the next revolution in technology.
Lead: Viola Vogel
Biennial Award: $1,000,000
Engineering, with Arts and Sciences, Pharmacy, and Medicine Undergraduate Education, Graduate Education, Research
Research, Teaching, and Public Programs in the Humanities
An expanded Center for the Humanities will create programs that bridge disciplines: innovations in curriculum, new connections between scholarship and teaching, and outreach efforts that reassert the vital link between the humanities and public life.
Lead: Leroy Searle
Biennial Award: $800,000
Arts and Sciences, with UW Libraries Undergraduate Education, Graduate Education, Research, Community Outreach
Health Sciences Interdisciplinary Partnerships in Clinical Education
A consortium of faculty, students, and health-care providers, based at Harborview Medical Center, will develop a model for training health-care professionals in cross-disciplinary teams, focused on the diverse patient groups served by Harborview.
Lead: Pam Mitchell
Biennial Award: $750,000
Nursing, with Dentistry, Medicine, Pharmacy, Public Health, and Social Work Undergraduate Education, Professional Education, Community Outreach
Undergraduate Program in Neurobiology
A new major in neurobiology will give undergraduates access to the UWs research strength in this important field, filling a significant gap in the science curriculum and easing enrollment pressure on the zoology, biology, and psychology majors.
Lead: William Catterall
Biennial Award: $1,400,000
Medicine, with Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Education
Public Health Genetics in the Context of Law, Ethics, and Policy
A multi-college, multi-level program will study scientific advances in genetics from many perspectives, including philosophy and social science, and will develop ethical, cultural, and legal frameworks to guide health-care and regulatory policies.
Lead: Melissa Austin
Biennial Award: $800,000
Public Health, with Arts and Sciences, Medicine, Pharmacy, Law, Public Affairs, and Nursing Undergraduate Education, Graduate Education, Community Outreach
The Puget Sound Regional Synthesis Model (PRISM): An Integrated Vision of Puget Sound into the Twenty-First Century
Creating and working with a "Virtual Puget Sound"--a multidimensional construct of computer models and databases--interdisciplinary teams of students and faculty will study the complex interaction of natural and human environments around Puget Sound.
Lead: Jeff Richey
Biennial Award: $900,000
Ocean and Fishery Sciences, with Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Public Affairs, Forest Resources, Education, UW Libraries, and Architecture and Urban Planning Undergraduate Education, Community Outreach

Support Services Proposals

Proposals Participating Units UW Missions Served
Streamlining Support Services through Web-Based Technologies
New campus-wide procedures for payroll, personnel, grants and contracts, travel, and purchasing will be developed. The use of new and emerging Web-based technologies will speed and simplify these common support services at a fraction of the cost some institutions have incurred.
Lead: Weldon Ihrig
Biennial Award: $1,000,000
Executive Vice President Administrative support for all the University's academic missions
Partnerships for a Seamless Education
This project expands service-learning opportunities for undergraduates, placing them in schools and communities around the state where they can serve as tutors and mentors for minority and disadvantaged students.
Lead: William Baker
Biennial Award: $200,000
Office of Minority Affairs, with Arts and Sciences, Ocean and Fishery Sciences, Social Work, Law, Nursing, Business Administration, Forest Resources, Education, and Architecture and Urban Planning Undergraduate Education, Community Outreach

UIF (University Initiative Fund) UIF Article Archive