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UIF (University Initiative Fund) UIF Article Archive

Amplification of University Initiatives Fund (UIF) Guidelines

  1. In view of the delay of preproposal review, the deadline for submission of full proposals has been changed to March 1.
  2. Initiatives that call for substantial participation by multiple units should be jointly proposed by the involved deans and vice presidents; "concurrence" should indicate the support of units with secondary involvement. Full proposals should identify the collaborative roles and commitments of the participating units. The administrative organization of the initiative and the leadership assignments should be made clear.
  3. While a full proposal must embody the central theme of the selected preproposals, it may differ from the preproposal in specifics, representing refined ideas or the suggestions of partner units.
  4. Each proposal should indicate criteria and timelines by which performance of the initiative is to be evaluated.
  5. With respect to resources, full proposals should make clear:
    1. which of the initiative's needs are to be met with new UIF funds and which by re-direction of existing personnel or budgets;
    2. the distinction between temporary funds needed to launch the initiative and permanent funds needed to sustain it;
    3. assumptions about the potential of an initiative to raise external support; and
    4. space needs and plans to address those needs.
  6. Given the funding limitations, budgets should be as lean as possible while providing realistically for the needs of the initiative.

UIF (University Initiative Fund) UIF Article Archive