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“In Practice” Workshop Series

Workshop Recap

Did you miss our Winter 2014  “In Practice” Workshop Series, or looking for a recap?  Audio recordings and slides for each session are provided below.

Program Details

Announcing the Center for Teaching and Learning and UW-IT’s annual “In Practice” workshop series.  Each session focuses on putting technology in practice in effective and pedagogically sound ways.  This years topics will cover ways to use Canvas to conduct peer interviews, incorporating lecture-capture into your class and posting lectures online, as well as using audience response systems to effectively engage your students.
Topics rotate on a yearly basis.

In each workshop, participants will hear ideas, methods, and examples from a CTL consultant, UW-IT instructional technologist and guest faculty speaker.  Note that these workshops are not designed to introduce participants to all aspects of the tools discussed (however, those types of workshops, such as Canvas 101, are offered by IT Connect: current list of workshops).  It is encouraged that participants have some working knowledge of the topics, however all are welcome!

  • For more information contact Christine Sugatan at 206-543-6588 or email

Winter 2014: Complete list of offerings

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

“Flipping” courses has been a hot topic in recent years on the UW campus. In this workshop, we will explore the uses of short videos (3-5 minutes long) for your course. Short videos can be used in a number of ways, including: introducing a topic, content for assignments and quizzes, and to review material for your students. We will cover the basic workflow of creating short videos, and discuss the pros and cons of different methods of hosting the videos, including UW-supported and alternative free solutions. Participants will also see short videos used in a recent course at the UW.

Facilitators and Contact Information

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Engaging students in what they are learning is powerful.  In order to ask all students to actively respond to what they are learning, many teachers are turning to audience response systems – technologies that allow instant crowd polling, low-stakes quizzing, and whole-group interaction.  UW-IT is currently evaluating these systems to find the best options available.  This workshop will cover a number of techniques practiced faculty are using to make the most of these systems, along with a functional technical understanding that will help the participants understand and troubleshoot whatever system is used.

Facilitator and Contact Information

  • Calla Chancellor, Instructional Consultant, CTL,
  • Kiki Jenkins, Assistant Professor, School of Marine and Environmental Affairs,
  • Peter Wallis, Instructional Technologist, UW-IT,

Wednesday, February 26, 2014
Peer Review, used well, has the potential to increase the depth of student’s thoughts about writing and research, modeling the process of scholarship. This workshop will explore past examples of peer review you can adapt and adopt for your courses. We will explore some of the pedagogical theories behind peer review, and look specifically at tools for incorporating peer review in Canvas. Additionally, we will look at the affordances of Canvas peer review and offer strategies for effectively creating and assessing peer review. Finally, we will hear from UW faculty on lessons learned from the classroom.

Facilitators and Contact Information


All instructors from the UW Bothell, Seattle and Tacoma campuses are welcome to attend.

Dates and How to Register

Pre-workshop registration with UW NetID is required.  Seats are limited and are on a first come, first serve basis.

  • WebQ Registration: CLOSED.  Please registration on-site at OUGL Rm. 220

Please consider your registration submission as confirmed unless otherwise notified.  If the session you are interested in is full, please email with a request to be placed on the waiting list.