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Conference Registration

Conference Registration

The main registration is now CLOSED.

Late Registration

If you haven’t already registered, you will be able to register on-site at the conference.  There are two options.

1.  Expedited

  • To make your on-site registration go more quickly, use the Late Registration WebQ to give us your name, department and UW Net ID.  Note that this WebQ will close at 8:00 a.m. on Friday, September 12th.
  • Come to the Late Registration tables at the conference.  Your conference packet will be ready for you, and we will give you information on how to attend the workshops that you are interested in.

2.  Walk-in

  • If you cannot complete the Late Registration WebQ before Friday, September 12th at 8:00 a.m., you can still come to the conference and register on-site.
  • Come to the Late Registration tables at the conference.  We will get you registered, give you a conference packet, and provide you with information on how to attend the workshops you are interested in.

In either case, before you come to the conference, please check to see whether your department has recommendations for workshops they would like you to participate in (see email from department) and review the Conference Program and Workshop Descriptions. If you have any questions, please email us at:

Conference Check-in

Monday, Sept. 15th 12:45–4:00 Savery 260 (for those TAs attending the International TA Program sessions)
Tuesday, Sept. 16th 8:15–10:45
Kane Hall Lobby
Center for Teaching and Learning, Gerberding Hall 100
Wednesday, Sept. 17th 8:00–5:00 Center for Teaching and Learning, Gerberding Hall 100

Plenary and Workshop Locations

The Opening Plenary session (Tuesday, September 16th 9:00 to 10:30) is held in Kane Hall, Room 130. All workshops will take place in buildings on central campus, either on or near The Quad.

If you registered online (by August 6th) and received a registration confirmation email —
At check-in, you will receive a conference packet which includes a schedule of the workshops you selected (as indicated in your registration confirmation email) and the locations for your workshops.

If you register on-site —
At check-in, we will give you a list of all workshops and their locations. You can then plan your own schedule and go to the workshops you would like to attend.  When you get to the workshop, please check to see if there is space available. If there is not space in that workshop, please find space in another workshop.

Registering for Academic Credit for the Conference

If you would like to register to receive academic credit for your participation in the conference, you can still register for GRDSCH 615A.  For more information, see Registering for the Conference for Academic Credit.