Center for Teaching and Learning

Registering for Academic Credit for the Conference

What are the advantages of taking the conference for credit?

Graduate students who plan to apply for teaching positions – from Teaching Assistantships while in Graduate School to post-graduate jobs that involve teaching – may be expected to demonstrate their engagement in and preparation for teaching at the university level. Registering for GRDSCH 615: TA/RA Preparation is one means by which students can formalize and document their efforts at professional development related to teaching, learning and research. Additionally, this one-credit course offers an opportunity for you to reflect on your own interests and needs in regards to developing your skills and provides you with further resources on campus and beyond to support your growth.

Does my department recommend that I register for academic credit for the conference?

Your department will let you know if they recommend or require that you register for academic credit for the conference. Additionally, your department may recommend or require that you attend specific workshops in the conference (whether you register for academic credit or not). If you don’t hear from your department regarding their expectations, you may want to contact them.

What is required for GRDSCH 615A?

In addition to attending a minimum of five sessions at the conference, students will complete three brief assignments during Autumn Quarter. All assignments will be done online through the Canvas course website. Grading for the course is on a C/NC (credit/no credit) basis.

Will registering for an additional credit increase my tuition bill?

Adding an additional credit may or may not increase your tuition bill, depending on a number of factors, such as how many credits you’re enrolled for in Autumn Quarter, whether you’re a full-time or part-time student, and your student and tuition category. To calculate what an additional credit will cost for you, you can use the Office of Planning & Budgeting’s online tool: Tuition and Fees Records.

How do I register for GRDSCH 615A?

You register for GRDSCH 615A (SLN 15357) as you would any other course. You can find the course listing in the Time Schedule under Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs: Graduate School.



For questions regarding getting academic credit for the conference, please email or call the Center for Teaching and Learning at 206-543-6588.