Center for Teaching and Learning

What we do

As a co-sponsored program of CTL and Memory War Theatre, Theater for Change UW (TfC UW) provides a variety of pedagogical and instructional support to academic units as well as individual faculty, TAs and staff educators.

TfC UW offers free consultations, and a range of fee based services, including:

  • Interactive workshops for faculty, staff educators and student leaders
  • Performances

Examples of past programs and services:

  • Campus-wide/ tri-campus performance event
  • All-day workshop and performance
  • Workshop series (two or more workshops)
  • Professional development workshops with departments on issues related to inclusivity and diversity
  • Class visits
  • Collaboration with graduate student groups
  • Learning communities
  • Workshops at local, non-UW campuses

For booking inquiries or questions about our program, email