First Fridays for Grad Students

What is it?

First Fridays for Graduate Students is a brown-bag workshop series open to all graduate students, post-docs, and graduate alumni. Workshops cover a range of topics on professional development and support related to teaching and learning.

When and Where?

Workshops are held from 12:30-1:30 once every month at The Center for Teaching and Learning in 100 Gerberding Hall.

Upcoming Workshop Dates:

  • August 1st: Presenting Information Effectively: Visual Strategies for Organizing & Presenting Information. Facilitated by: Diana Hu (Geography)
    See flyer: First Fridays August 1
  • October 3rd: Teaching English Language Learner (ELL) Students.
    Facilitated by: Alysse Hotz (English) & Natalie Footen (Environmental and Forest Science)
  • October 24th: Transfer of Learning: Helping Students Apply Prior Learning to New Contexts / Teaching Non-majors.
    Facilitated by: Misty Anne Winzenried (Education) & James Thompson (Program on the Built Environment)
  • November 7th: Engaging Students in Lab Settings. Facilitated by: Homira Osman, (Speech & Hearing Sciences)

What’s in it for you?

  • Brief, practical discussions of teaching issues
  • A convenient way to learn about campus resources to support your teaching and professional development
  • An opportunity to build your campus network
  • The opportunity to lead discussions of interest to you
  • Coffee, tea, and snacks!

Past Sessions

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